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Renting conditions

  1. Each customer has to have turned twenty one, to have a valid driving license and identity card or another document testifying to his/her identity.
  2. When picking up the car, you are required to pay the full amount in advance and you need to have a credit card with you, on which the pre-authorisation (a blockade of the appropriate part of the assets - mentioned below) will be performed. Respectively: for cars: Ka, Hyundai i20, Fiesta, Fusion, Panda - 1000 zł, Focus, Hyundai i30 - 1500 zł, Galaxy, S-Max, Mondeo, Qashqai, Toyota RAV4, Transit van / delivery van - 2000 zł. In case of companies, the representative needs to present the appropriate company documents on the day of the pickup the latest.
  3. Cars are hired in a day-night cycle (from the hiring moment).
  4. Exceeding the contract by one hour means another day added.
  5. The car has to be driven by the person who has hired it or a person who has been authorized by the Hirer provided that person has had a driving license for at least one year before the day of contract conclusion.
  6. The car hired is not allowed to leave the border of Poland without the Lessor's consent.
  7. The Hirer obliges himself:
    • not to drive the car while under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic agents
    • not to smoke in the vehicle
    • The Hirer is supposed to be familiar with the car insurance conditions and he will not use the car so that he could possibly invalidate the policy of insurance.
    • He will return the car on the day of expiration of the hiring term at the latest ( unless he lets the Lessor know he intends to prolong the hire term)
    • He will return the vehicle with a full fuel-tank ( the car is handed over with a full fuel-tank)
    • He obliges himself to secure the vehicle against theft or destruction in a commonly accepted way and with special care
    • He will not carry out any repairs on the vehicle without prior consent by the Lessor, let alone replacement of a wheel punctured
    • He will not act on behalf of the Lessor
    • He will not transport more people in the vehicle than it is determined in the registration book
    • He will abide by the law and traffic regulations and will not give as excuse his ignorance of law.
    • He will not import or export the goods prohibited by customs regulations into or out of the Polish customs area
    • He will not use the vehicle for driving on unsurfaced roads or areas
    • He will not transport caustic and dirty materials, those with sharp edges and others that can cause corrosion, destruction or damage to any part of the vehicle using the vehicle.
  8. With the contract in force, the vehicle (and its equipment) is not supposed:
    • to be in possession of third persons
    • to be a subject of proceedings in law or used as a security
    • to be used far away from a usual way of use, in particular:
      1. to be underleased
      2. to be used for speed tests, car races, training purposes, and rallies
      3. to be used for dragging and pushing other vehicles
      4. to be used for pulling a caravan
      5. to be used contrary to the laws
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