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Replacement car

If the car in your possession being used for running your own business, driving to work, to the doctor, has been damaged due a collision and this was not your fault, you have the right to claim with the insurance company of the collision perpetrator for damages in order to cover the hire costs of a replacement car. The condition to have back the hire costs is that you hire a vehicle of the same or inferior class, and that you evidence that the vehicle is needed for work or because of the state of your health, and because lack of a car will cause concrete financial and health losses to you. Before you hire the car you have to lodge a suitable application with an insurance company. Acceptance of this application should be confirmed on its copy with the stamp "Received on the day". The aggrieved person has the right to use a replacement car through the whole time of immobilization of his/her car and not only the so called ( technological repair time ". The aggrieved person has the possibility to choose a hire company whose services he wants to hire.

According to the law ( Civil Code Article. 361, 363, and 415, Finance Minister's Decree dated 24.03.2000, DU No. 26 Item 310 re OC ), the insurer re OC is obliged to meet all the claims of an aggrieved person so that he/she not experience any losses resulting from the damage done.

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